Tooth Removal Under Sedation: What You Need to Know

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When your dentist tells you they need to remove one of your teeth, it can be worrisome. However, dental professionals use top-notch technology to make the process smooth and efficient. 

Tooth removal under sedation eliminates any pain associated with tooth removal. 

Smile Perfection strives to brighten the smiles of the Tucson community with expert dental services, including tooth cleaning, removal, and realignment. With decades of experience, our dentists provide a comfortable setting that removes the stigma people have about a trip to the dentist. 

Why Dentists Remove Teeth  

There are many reasons why your dentist may elect to pull your teeth. 

Decaying Teeth 

If your tooth shows signs of decay, your dentist may recommend pulling it. While it is often the last resort, many patients would rather have their dentist extract their teeth than have a root canal. 


Another reason why a dentist may opt for tooth removal under sedation is if your teeth are overcrowded. Overcrowded teeth can cause disturbances, like neck pain, jaw pain, and headaches. 

Teeth Did Not Grow In 

You may have a tooth that never grows to its maximum length. If so, your dentist may recommend pulling it, ensuring that it does not cause discomfort. Dentists call this scenario an impacted tooth. 

Types of Dental Sedation 

There are a few different dental sedation techniques your dentist chooses from. 

Nitrous Oxide 

You may know nitrous oxide sedation as laughing gas. Typically, oral surgeons use this form of sedation for short treatments and procedures. 

You will be aware of your surroundings during nitrous oxide sedation. But, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. 

Oral Sedation 

An oral surgeon may provide you with an oral sedative before your procedure. Usually, a dental professional will utilize this sedation method if you are having your wisdom teeth removed. 

Like nitrous oxide, you will be awake for the oral surgery but not feel much pain. Your dentist will tell you what to expect before the day of your procedure. 

Intravenous Sedation 

Another form of dental sedation is when your oral surgeon uses an IV to put you under. It is an extreme form of sedation that will remove you from consciousness. 

Dental professionals mostly use this sedation treatment on young kids who cannot stay still. You will have no memory of the procedure when you wake up from sedation.

Visit Our Dental Office Today 

No matter which kind of sedation your dentist recommends, you are in good hands with our dental staff. We will ensure that you do not feel a thing during your tooth extractions procedure. 

Smile Perfection can help you through the tooth removal under sedation process. Our Tucson, AZ, office has a calming atmosphere that will ease your nerves during your appointment. If you or a loved one requires dental care, call our dental office at (520) 293-2166

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