Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges in Tucson, AZ

Experience the transformative power of dental bridges in Tucson, AZ, provided by Smile Perfection. Dr. Pandhi is dedicated to helping you regain confidence and restore your smile with personalized dental bridge solutions. Whether you have a single missing tooth or multiple gaps, our exceptional dental bridge services offer a reliable and aesthetically pleasing option that can improve both your oral health and overall quality of life.

So, connect with us today to embrace a complete, natural-looking smile that reflects the real you.

Dental Bridges in Tucson, AZ: Discover the Perfect Solution for Missing Teeth

Dr. Sharad Pandhi and our team of experienced dental professionals will help you regain your confidence and achieve a complete smile that enhances your overall well-being. One effective method we utilize to achieve this is dental bridges.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A traditional dental bridge is a specialized prosthesis, or replacement part, that relies on the support of healthy teeth adjacent to the gap caused by missing teeth.

  • The artificial tooth, known as a “pontic,” comes from the French word “pont,” meaning bridge.
  • The healthy neighboring teeth, called abutment teeth, provide support on each side, much like a bridge spanning a canyon.

By utilizing dental bridges as artificial teeth, we can effectively bridge the gap left by missing teeth, providing a seamless and functional solution that improves your smile’s appearance and functionality. Our dental bridges are custom-designed to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, ensuring a natural-looking and harmonious result.

Why Choose Smile Perfection

When you choose our practice, you can expect a range of compelling reasons to entrust us with your dental bridge needs:

  • Expertise and Dedication: Our experienced team, led by Dr. Sharad Pandhi, delivers exceptional dental bridge treatments with advanced techniques and a commitment to your oral health and satisfaction.
  • Personalized Approach: We tailor our dental bridge treatments to your unique needs and goals, ensuring you receive personalized care and achieve results that align with your expectations.
  • Quality Materials and Craftsmanship: We use high-quality materials and partner with skilled dental laboratories to create meticulously crafted dental bridges that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.
  • Patient Satisfaction: We take pride in helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that enhances your overall well-being, providing a positive and comfortable experience.

Unlock the Advantages: Benefits of Dental Bridges

With dental bridges you can benefit from the multitude of advantages they offer, ranging from enhanced aesthetics and restored functionality to improved oral health and increased confidence:

Enhanced Aesthetics

Dental bridges fill the gaps missing teeth leave, providing a complete and natural-looking smile. In addition, the custom design ensures that the bridge blends seamlessly with your existing teeth, enhancing your overall facial aesthetics and restoring your confidence.

Prevent Shifting Teeth

The adjacent teeth may shift or tilt into the empty space when a tooth is lost. This can lead to bite problems, misalignment, and potential jaw joint issues. Dental bridges fill the gaps, preventing the surrounding teeth from shifting and maintaining proper dental alignment.

Restored Functionality

When you have missing teeth, the remaining teeth may shift or tilt over time, leading to changes in your bite alignment. This can affect your ability to bite and chew food effectively. Dental bridges play a crucial role in restoring functionality by filling the gaps left by missing teeth.

Improved Oral Health

Dental bridges make it easier to maintain good oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing by preventing tooth shifting. This reduces the risk of dental issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and further tooth loss.

Boosted Confidence and Self-Esteem

Dental bridges improve the overall appearance of your smile. This transformation can profoundly affect your self-perception, allowing you to feel more comfortable and confident when interacting with others. You can smile freely without worrying about the gaps or feeling self-conscious about your teeth.

Types of Dental Bridges: Choose the Ideal Option for Your Smile Transformation

Understanding the distinctions between fixed and removable bridges enables you to make an informed decision and determine the most suitable choice for your specific needs and preferences:

Fixed Bridge: The Preferred Solution for Tooth Replacement

Dr. Sharad Pandhi, D.D.S., recommends fixed bridges for patients who have lost one or all of their teeth without significant bone loss. A fixed dental bridge comprises two or more crowns meticulously cemented to the teeth on either side of the gap, serving as anchor teeth. The false teeth are securely positioned between the anchor teeth. These replacement teeth can be crafted from gold, porcelain, or alloys. It’s important to note that a fixed tooth bridge is a permanent restoration and can only be removed by a dentist.

Removable Bridge: A Flexible Option for Replacing Missing Teeth

In cases of multiple missing teeth and the integrity of the supporting jawbone has been severely compromised, Dr. Sharad Pandhi, D.D.S., may recommend a removable dental bridge. This type of bridge consists of replacement teeth affixed to a gum-colored plastic support base connected to a metal framework. Metal clasps are then used to attach the bridge to a dental implant or any existing teeth. The plastic base effectively restores natural facial aesthetics by providing support in areas where bone and tissues have been lost.

Achieve a Radiant Smile with Dental Bridges Today

Led by Dr. Sharad Pandhi, our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional dental bridge services in Tucson, AZ, that will transform your smile and enhance your overall well-being. So, take the next step towards a complete, confident smile by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Pandhi at Smile Perfection today.

Dental Bridge FAQs

The lifespan of a dental bridge can vary depending on individual factors, such as oral hygiene practices and lifestyle. Regular dental visits and professional cleanings from our dental hygienist can help monitor the condition of your dental bridge and ensure its longevity.

A high-quality tooth bridge that is properly cared for can last long. If it gets chipped or the supporting teeth begin to fail, it may need to be replaced. How often this happens depends entirely on the individual’s lifestyle with the bridge and how well it is taken care of.

The cost of a dental bridge varies greatly depending on the type of bridge, number of false teeth, and type of materials used. Depending on your needs and wants, they can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands. However, considering their life span, the dental bridge is a highly affordable and effective option for patients who have lost one or multiple teeth.

During the initial placement process, adjustments can be made to ensure proper fit and bite alignment, enhancing your overall comfort. While there may be a short adjustment period as you get used to the presence of the dental bridge, most individuals find that it quickly becomes a natural part of their oral structure.