Gold Tooth Fillings: Everything You Need To Know

When you get a cavity, you need a filling to prevent further damage to your teeth. But what does a dentist use for tooth fillings? You have a few choices, gold tooth fillings among them. 

If you need dental fillings in Tucson, AZ, Dr. Sharad Pandhi at Smile Perfection has over four decades of experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. With our help, you’ll pick a filling that works well and looks great on your smile. Continue reading to learn whether gold tooth fillings will work for you. 

What Is a Gold Tooth Filling?

Substances in foods and drinks slowly eat away at your tooth’s enamel, causing cavities over time. Cavities create a gateway for even more tooth damage and erosion. Dentists use fillings to protect the inside of the tooth and prevent further damage. 

A gold filling or crown consists of different materials, including:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Zinc palladium
  • Platinum

Some people may refer to a gold filling as a gold alloy or amalgam. The dentist drills away damaged tooth areas, fits the filling into the cavity, and installs it. You’ll experience a similar process with a gold crown. 

Advantages of Gold Tooth Fillings

Gold fillings offer a tried and true method of sealing off cavities. Gold is the oldest material used in fillings. While dental care providers offer a diverse range of fillings, many favor gold fillings over other materials. 

Some advantages of a gold tooth filling include the following:

  • Gold fillings can last over 25 years.
  • They boast a better fit, preventing bacteria from entering the cavity.
  • Gold doesn’t corrode as easily as some other materials.
  • Gold fillings resist breakage. 

Disadvantages of Gold Tooth Fillings

Like many dental treatments, gold tooth fillings also come with a few disadvantages. Since the cost of gold fluctuates, so does the cost of gold tooth fillings, so your crown or filling appointment could run up a higher bill. 

Additionally, you could endure multiple dental procedures for your dentist to install a gold filling. During the first appointment, your dentist gets an impression to cast the alloy. They’ll place the filling during the second appointment. 

Finally, you may want to avoid gold fillings if you already have silver ones. Your saliva conducts electricity. The gold and silver alloys have opposite charges. These conditions lead to shocks in your mouth.

If you want a less expensive filling material that matches your teeth, we have various other options available.

Get Your Perfect Smile With Smile Perfection!

At Smile Perfection in Tucson, AZ, we offer gold tooth fillings, as well as resin, porcelain, silver, and amalgam options. You can find a solution that fits your budget and smile while meeting your dental insurance requirements. You can also learn about our other pertinent dental restoration services or discover preventative treatments for a resilient smile. Schedule your appointment with us today at 520-293-2166. Find out more about preventative treatments by reading up on the difference between dental fillings and sealants

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