Can You Get Veneers with Missing Teeth?

With so many cosmetic dental procedures available, you no longer have to suffer the embarrassment and insecurity caused by missing teeth. However, it can be challenging to find the best course of action for your needs amidst the plethora of available information. If you’re asking, “Can you get veneers with missing teeth?” read on to learn about the latest dental treatments.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

If you have a missing tooth that is in a less noticeable area of the mouth, it may be easy to ignore it and put off seeking treatment. Regardless of its location in the mouth, a missing tooth can negatively impact oral health and precipitate cosmetic concerns in the future. The long-term consequences of missing teeth include the following:

• Creates extra space in the mouth, allowing teeth to shift over time, causing crowding or gaps

• Can negatively impact speech

• Can negatively impact the ability to chew

• Can lead to bone loss, causing the jawbone to shrink over time

• Can lead to gum disease and tooth loss

What About Dental Veneers?

Can you get veneers with missing teeth? The short answer is no; dental veneers are not viable for missing teeth.

Dental veneers are thin, custom-fabricated porcelain covers that attach directly to the teeth. Since veneers require a surface to adhere to, a missing tooth needs a prosthetic that brings cosmetic benefit and structural support.

Veneers are best suited to cover tooth stains, cracks, chips, and discoloration. Contact the team at Smile Perfection to learn more about the benefits of veneers in Tucson.

Treatment Options for Missing Teeth

Dental technology has evolved exponentially in the last 20 years, bringing several cosmetic and restorative treatments to the forefront, and delivering astoundingly realistic results. Dental implants in Tucson have become increasingly popular because they are natural-looking, durable, and fortify the structural integrity of the mouth and jaw.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that consists of two primary components:

•  A surgically planted post that integrates with the jawbone

•  The post provides an anchor for a dental prosthetic with the look, feel, and color of your natural tooth

Unlike dentures, bridges, and partials in Tucson, dental implants do not require maintenance, repair, or fittings. The dental crown has a structural support component at a lower price point. The dental implant procedure is one and done; the result is a built-to-last prosthetic tooth. Dental implants have a lifespan of 40 years or more with proper care.

To find the best plan for you, ask your Tucson dentist about available treatment options.

Smile Perfection Is the Premier Dental Practice in Tucson

Hopefully, we answered the question, “Can you get veneers with missing teeth?” and you have the peace of mind of knowing that a beautiful smile is just a phone call away. To learn more about ways to improve your oral health or schedule an appointment, call Smile Perfection at 520-293-2166.

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