How to Prepare for Tooth Extraction: Best Tips

Are routine semiannual dental cleanings enough to make your hair stand on end? If so, discovering you need a tooth pulled may seem like a nightmare.

The reasons for tooth extractions vary between patients. While one may need their wisdom teeth out, another may need an oral surgeon to remedy tooth decay or thin out a cluster of excessive teeth, usually when preparing them for braces. Whatever the reason, we at Smile Perfection offer tooth extraction services in Tucson, and to get you ready, explain how to prepare for tooth extractions below. 

Safety in the Chair

Sharing your full medical history with your oral surgeon is an important way how to prepare for tooth extractions. It’ll help your surgeon take proper precautions, preventing complications. A detailed look at your medical history will also help them prescribe antibiotics or other prescriptions post-surgery that won’t counteract any existing medication you’re taking. 

If you’re on prescription drugs, your surgeon may require you to temporarily cease use since they affect your body negatively during the procedure. For instance, blood thinners cause excessive blood loss during extraction, proving dangerous. It’s best to ask questions during your first consultation to not only grasp the procedure but maintain safety in the chair. 

Comfort in the Chair

Your comfort also affects the way your procedure unfolds. For most, comfort entails listing questions to voice to the oral surgeon during your first consultation. Discussing the procedure, preferences, and concerns, despite how ridiculous you may think they sound, will keep you in the loop and give you confidence in the chair. 

Caring for your oral health in this manner may also be painful. To reduce intense negative feelings, your surgeon will discuss sedation options. Whether it’s anesthesia, laughing gas, numbing gel, or painkillers, relay your success rate with any given option in the past.

While nerves may cause many to not have an appetite before surgery, all patients should refrain from eating for 12 hours before the procedure as a nauseous feeling may arise during surgery. Smoking 24 hours after surgery also leads to a dry socket, which causes slower healing, bacteria growth, and bone infection. 

Post-Surgery Care

How to prepare for tooth extractions means preparing for the aftermath as well. Any form of sedation will affect your reflexes, impairing your ability to drive. Therefore, have a loved one ready to drive you home and possibly stay with you through the night. 

Once home, take prescribed painkillers, if any, and rest your mouth. That means sticking to soft foods to keep your socket wound from bleeding and not spitting or rinsing until the second day of post-treatment. You should also take some time off from work to rest and keep an eye out for side effects such as fever, nausea, and excessive bleeding. 

Schedule for a Stellar Smile 

At Smile Perfection, we want to set your mind at ease. From preparing for a dental appointment to how to prepare for tooth extractions, our professional team will treat you effectively and painlessly. Call our Tucson, AZ, office at 520-293-2166 to request an appointment today!

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