How Many Times Can a Filling Be Replaced?

Dental care is important throughout your life. If you have a filling that is several years old, you may worry about how much longer it will last. Fortunately, Dr. Sharad Pandhi and our team at Smile Perfection provide regular checkups and dental fillings in Tucson, so we can help.

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The Lifespan of a Dental Filling

Many dentists will not replace dental fillings without good reason. Even if you have a filling that is more than a decade old, it could be several years before it needs replacement. Additionally, regular dental checkups can extend the life of your filling.

How many times can a filling be replaced? The answer depends on different factors, such as:

  • Type of filling material
  • Remaining tooth structure 
  • Sustained sensitivity 

Your dentist will use these factors to determine if your filling can be replaced or if a different kind of dental procedure is more appropriate. 

Material Used 

Fillings can consist of several different types of material. Each one has a varying lifespan and cost. 

  • Glass Ionomer: best for temporary fillings and on surfaces that are not used to chew, such as the side of a molar, and can last up to seven years 
  • Amalgam: best for high durability and low cost and can last up to 15 years
  • Ceramic: best for a filling that needs to match your tooth color and can last up to 15 years
  • Gold: best for longevity as they last the longest, up to 30 years

Remaining Tooth Structure 

Each time a filling needs replacement, your dentist must drill away new decay. This increases the size of the filling while decreasing tooth structure. Eventually, a tooth with multiple cavity treatments will become too fragile to hold the filling. When this occurs, your dentist may discuss other treatment options with you. 

Reasons to Replace a Filling 

Though your dentist will not replace a filling without good reason, you may require a replacement long before the filling falls out. Reasons to replace a filling include: 

  • A routine exam discovers the filling has cracked.
  • You begin to experience tooth sensitivity that lasts several weeks.
  • Your filling is still in place but has become very worn down.

At Smile Perfection, we are passionate about helping fellow Tuscon residents achieve their best and brightest smiles. Whether you currently have a filling or think you might need one, our team can help determine the best treatment plan for your oral health goals.

How many times can a filling be replaced? There is no finite number. The best way to determine if your filling can be replaced is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. 

Neglecting your oral health is never a good idea. The dental professionals at Smile Perfection in Tuscon, Arizona, provide a full spectrum of care, from regular checkups all the way to dental filling aftercare. Call us at 520-293-2166 and schedule an appointment today. 

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