Dental House Calls – Really

Do dentists make house calls? If you’ve been wondering about this question, look no further. Dr. Sharad Pandhi, D.D.S. is unique. He is experienced, well-educated and talented. And he makes house calls!

We all know the importance of getting to the dentist, but sometimes actually going can be difficult. Dentists are rated among the ten most trustworthy and ethical professionals in America. Yet, many still suffer from anxiety about going for their checkups. This may be due to misconceptions about dentistry, or it may be the result of mobility limitations.

How do dentists make house calls? Dr. Pandhi recognizes that not everyone can get in the car and drive to the dentist’s office, but everyone needs dental health care. For patients with special needs who live at home, those living in nursing homes, and patients in hospital settings, he will come to you. In addition to being a wonderful service to the community, this ensures that those who may otherwise forego dental care get the treatments they need to prevent issues down the road.

For those who do not have mobility challenges, but suffer from anxiety related to visiting the dentist, consider that Dr. Pandhi is sensitive to this concern. His patients consistently note that he makes a point of making them feel comfortable. Last year alone, about 127.6 million adults across the U.S. made a trip to the dentist. You can do it too!

Consider also that if the eyes are the window to the soul, the smile is the window to the heart. Or so they say. Your smile is important not only for aesthetic reasons but it could impact your social or professional life. While an ideal world would dictate that one’s appearance plays no role in public perception of their capability or character, we live in a society where your teeth matter.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conducted a study asking whether respondents believed that a nice smile is socially important. Nearly all (99.7%) said that it is. In other words, foregoing good dental care can negatively impact your personal and professional opportunities. And even putting aside what others may think, a healthy smile will give YOU greater confidence.

Give Dr. Pandhi a call to discuss your dental health care needs.

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