Hospital Dentistry Services in Tucson, AZ

About Our Hospital Dentistry Services

Because it is our goal to provide comprehensive dental care to all who need it, Smile Perfection also offer hospital dentistry in the Tucson area. This is a needed service for a variety of people. Patients who are medically compromised risk leaving the hospital setting to take care of their urgent dental needs, along with the developmentally disabled will benefit from Dr. Pandhi’s expertise. We provide these services only after consulting with your physician.

Hospital dentistry is highly specialized and covers a variety of services such as oral surgery and restorative dentistry. These services are performed under general anesthesia for the comfort of the patient.

We realize that dental needs come up without warning at times and fixing them can be urgent. That’s why Dr. Pandhi has focused on getting the training and equipment required to address those needs regardless of the restrictions a patient may have.

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